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Why "Turtle" Penthouse

in the following we will explain why we decide to spray the big turtle in the kitchen, and why its called the "Turtle-Penthouse"

Plastic pollution in ocean environmental problem. Turtles can eat plastic bags mistaking t


Everyday more than Million plastic parts get into the sea. 

A plastic bag needs more than 20 years in the sea for decomposing, a plastic bottle needs 450 years.

Dead turtle with a plastic garbage on ocean beach.jpg

Every Year

Every Year there are over one million seabirds and thousands of sea mammals are dying because of the plastic pollution.

Underwater concept of global problem with plastic rubbish floating in the oceans. Hawksbil

Day X

If WE don't change in our behavior, if we don't do the best we can to stop the plastic pollution and to reduce the fish consumption, then there won't be any fishes out there in 2048.


So please do your best to keep the nature clean. 

Leave the beach with exact the same stuff you got there, and if you forgot your bottle, please go back and pick it up.

For your smartphone you would do it too, or not?

click on the picture and follow the link to their website, they do so great work!

TurtugAruba is a local foundation who do everything they can to safe the island from the consequences of plastic pollution. 

Cleaning the beaches with the marines, saving lives of turtles which are caught in nets, helping turtle nesting and hatching, and so on. 

Those guys do so incredible work! And if we all help together, we can make the world a better place again...

Because of their work we support them financially, so they can keep going and safe the environment, and you are also allowed to 

one small step for the human, one giant leap for mankind-Neil Armstrong

If you see trash on the beach, no matter if it's yours or not, please pick it up and throw it away. It's one small step, but it can mean so much. This is the only way Aruba will stay so incredible perfect as it is. To reach more people we decided to contact a local artist to spray one big piece of art in our kitchen. Every moment we or other people who see it, it recognized us what's our mission for the day...


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